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Pete Karenina Designs is the result of a love for unique creative stained glass designs. Cheryl realized her passion for stained glass design when she enrolled in classes in the late 1980's. Her teachers, John Sullivan and Alain Cuneo of John Sullivan Art Studio, encouraged her to create authentic  hand-made designs rather than use pre-fabricated materials. After a ten year hiatus from 2005-2015, Cheryl began creating new designs in her sunroom at home. The artist was reborn!


Whether it is vintage inspired or contemporary, Cheryl takes tremendous pride in bringing life into a space. As you peruse this web site you will see that her tastes are varied but her attention to detail is unmistakable. She prefers to hand-cut each piece of glass instead of using pre-cut shapes. She states designs where every shape is even are "boring". 


The name Pete Karenina was given to Cheryl by her sister Lisa when they were little girls playing "dress-up" with their mother's clothes, shoes, jewelry and makeup. Lisa looked at Cheryl and said, "I think I'm going to call you Pete Karenina and my name will be BeCation. The name remained with Cheryl as she is still known today by the nickname, "Petey."


Bold, Unique, One-of-a-Kind, Handcrafted art are the  hallmarks of Pete Karenina Designs.


Cheryl is a graduate of St. Mary's Academy in New Orleans. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Loyola University New Orleans and a Masters of Social Work from Tulane University. She served as the Assistant Principal at St. Mary's Academy in New Orleans for twenty-two years and is now working full-time pursuing her passion of creating unique artistic designs. Cheryl is the proud mother of one daughter, Allyson who is a professional actor.

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